Broker Opportunities

CBL Insurance has a number of other specialist financial surety, single situation insolvency, and general underwriting risk programs and products.

We assist and work with domestic and international brokers in providing both innovative and traditional solutions to underwrite risk. CBL Insurance is flexible and prides itself on always finding a way to underwrite good quality risk.

Often this will involve structuring a solution which conforms to local insurance jurisdiction or financial rating requirements.

CBL Insurance has developed and underwritten a number of specialised niche products internationally including OEM warranty products, purchaser deposit protection, event financing, passenger protection, credit card, student fee insurance and pet insurance.

CBL Insurance is able to write risk as insurance or reinsurance.

Many of the prime securities and indemnities CBL Insurance takes as collateral security to underpin its risk do not appear on its balance sheet however those assets and indemnities remain fully available as mitigation of risk, and recourse for ultimate recovery of loss.

If you feel CBL Insurance may be able to assist you or your clients then we invite you to contact us directly to discuss your needs and allow us to provide you the solution and outcome you require.